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Enjoy a Zip Line Experience!

On your next visit to the central coast, we invite you to enjoy a zip line experience. Out at the Santa Margarita Ranch in the town of Santa Margarita, you’ll find a wonderful opportunity to sail the zip lines over the hundreds of acres of planted vineyards. The adventure starts when you board the bus… Read more »

Willie Nelson in Concert!

No denying Willie Nelson has been around for a long time … and has collected an assortment of fans who enjoy his music. If you are one of these folks, then mark your calendar for July 21, 2015 to see Willie Nelson in concert!. According to his biography:   “Willie Nelson is one of the… Read more »

Luxury at The El Colibri Hotel

Let’s face it;we all need a little luxury now and then. It might be enjoying a smooth, velvety wine that costs more than we usually spend, or perhaps that pair of shoes that looked perfect on but was way over the budget, or maybe it’s just indulging in a little escape from the day to… Read more »

Music on the Central Coast

It’s with a sense of excitement and a certain amazement that music on the Central Coast has become a major draw to the area. While it’s no secret we have a growing and extremely talented cadre of local musicians, the news is that several venues are bringing in major name talent. From the PAC at… Read more »

Paso Robles Wine Area

Have you visited the Paso Robles Wine Area? The area stepped into the limelight when Wine Spectator recognized a Paso Robles wine as the #1 wine – worldwide in 2010. Since then thousands of people have visited the area to see what all the commotion is about. Not disappointed, visitors are tasting the delights and… Read more »

Visit the Coastal Discovery Center

What better way to experience the nature of the central coast than to visit the Coastal Discovery Center! The Discovery center is located about 7 miles from the hotel El Colibri in San Simeon Park where the pier is located. The discovery center offers many and varied opportunities to learn about our coastline, the ocean, and… Read more »

Cuisine of Cambria

Have you tried the cuisine of Cambria? Cambria is home to many notable chefs and several wonderful restaurants serving up fresh locally grown food. Enjoy this video and insider look into the Cuisine of Cambria.