Central Coast Entertainment: Crystal Gayle at MidState Fair, Tuesday July 22

Crystal Gayle

P-hor_CrystalThe California Mid-State Fair offers up all types of great entertainment. While some of the concerts require purchasing a ticket in addition to the fair’s entrance fee, other concerts are “free” and a part of the fair’s entertainment. This year there are many “free” concerts worthy of your attention.

Coming up on Tuesday, July 22 with shows at 6:30 and 8:30 is Crystal Gayle. Gayle’s been on the top 25 top country music charts several times. You may remember her debut single, “I’ve Cried the Blue Right out of My Eyes,” which was written by her older sister, Loretta Lynn. There’s an interesting factoid for you – who knew the two were related? Remember Loretta Lynn from the movie “The Coalminer’s Daughter”?

Gayle’s fourth album, “We Must Believe in Magic,” helped her became the first female artist in country music history to achieve platinum album sales. Driving the engine of the album was the song that has become her career signature song: “Don’t It Make My Brown Eyes Blue.” CMA’s “Female Vocalist of the Year,” for two consecutive years, she became a Grammy Award Winner for “Best Female Vocal Performance,” thanks to her beloved “Brown Eyes.” As her music and her career path widened to mainstream audiences, so did her accolades. She is the recipient of three “American Music Awards,” voted by the nation as America’s “Favorite Female Artist.”

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