Halloween on the Central Coast

Halloween is one of our favorite holidays around these parts. It’s such a fun time when you have kids (or when you are young at heart!) with the costumes, the parties, the celebrations, and… the candy!! Because we live in small communities throughout the Central Coast, you’ll find that there are lots of neighborhoods that really get into the holiday spirit.

In the spirit of Halloween and because you know we love our food and wine region, here are a couple of ideas for costumes that celebrate our region.

Walrus Costume for Kids – because there weren’t any elephant seal costumes J. We love our seal friends in San Simeon and anything we can do to raise awareness for and about them, we will. What a great kids costume and it’s certainly a conversation starter.

Grapes Costume – this is a great costume to celebrate the wine region and grape vineyards on the Central Coast. It is also a fantastic DIY costume for those of you on a budget. Check our pinterest for some good ideas on constructing the costume, but it is fairly simple to figure out on your own.

Scarecrow Costume – every year in Cambria we celebrate the Fall season with our famous Scarecrow Festival. In honor of that awesome festival, we’ve come up with another DIY costume that you can put together with some elbow grease and a trip to the store.

What are you thinking of doing for your or your kids Halloween costumes? Have you been scouring the internet to come up with good ideas?