Count Down to Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day RoseI’m not sure what it is, but I do LOVE Valentine’s Day. Admittedly, I’ve always had a ‘thing’ for hearts, and, in fact, have a beautiful red stone heart paperweight sitting aside me as I write this. Hearts show up in other places in my home, too. Like the funky little string of wooden hearts that hang by a piece of twine over a photo of my children, and the 4′ x 4′ modern painting of repeating hearts that hangs above my bed. So, yeah, I guess you could say I do have a thing for hearts.

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Take a Virtual Tour of Hearst Castle

Hearst CastleHearst Castle, located a mere 7 minute drive from the El Colibri Hotel and Spa is the treasure of the Central Coast. Visiting this extraordinary and majestic home of the late William Randolph Hearst is, in itself, reason enough to plan a trip to the Central Coast. Whether your interests rest with history, architecture, the arts, landscaping and gardens or perhaps the Hollywood gossip and stories of the 40’s – you are sure to be satisfied.

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Vine Street Lights

What’s more Christmas-y than lovely, quaint Paso Robles homes adorned with more Christmas lights than you could ever imagine. Every year, the wonderful families on Vine Street in Paso go to all ends to decorate their homes for the holiday. You’ll see 14 blocks of lights, storytellers, Santas, Grinches, Music, Carolers, Dancers, Hot cocoa and cider, and tons of Christmas cheer!

Some of my best memories from my childhood involve the total and utter awe that this holiday display invokes. There is seriously nothing more special (except for maybe the first time I remember meeting the real Santa Claus!). And even today, the Vine Street families make me think that I can be way more ambitious in my holiday decorating—I don’t think I’m up for the kinds of light like on the house below this year…but there’s always next, right?!

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Come Visit for a little Rest and Relaxation

Rest and Relaxation at El ColibriI don’t know about you, but once Thanksgiving is past we seem to shift into high gear: A count down of sort until the Christmas celebration. My “to-do” lists seem to take on a life of their own, growing exponentially longer by the day!

As I’ve aged, I’ve learned to pace myself and actually plan for a little R&R in these very busy times. Yes, there are still the holiday celebrations to attend, as well as our own party to plan and host… as well as the house decorations, gift shopping, and well… you get the idea. But, it somehow seems all the manageable when part of my “plans” include a plan for my own respite!

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“Tasteful Decor, Cozy Fireplace, Great Bar, and Excellent Complimentary Breakfast!”

El Colibri Wine Bar“Tasteful Decor, Cozy Fireplace, Great Bar, and Excellent Complimentary Breakfast!”
– Reviewed November 7, 2012

My husband and I stayed at El Colibri Hotel and Spa on our way up the California coast during our honeymoon. Our suite included a living room area with a mini bar, cozy fireplace, jacuzzi tub, great shower, and was decorated simply yet elegantly. The staff was warm and welcoming. Our room was decorated with rose petals and chocolates upon our arrival because was told them we were on our honeymoon. The bar was having a wine tasting event which was excellent including live music. Lastly, the complimentary breakfast in the morning was yummy and included a nice assortment of cereals, yogurt, fruit, bagels, and pastries. We very much enjoyed our stay and would definitely return.

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Favorite Wines of the Colibri

Favorite Wines of El ColibriI feel so privileged to work at the El Colibri. It’s not only a wonderful hotel that strives to be the best we can be, to treat our guests with care and try to make every guests stay something special. But we also have the advantage of working in a boutique that has one of the best Wine Bars on the Central Coast—and THE place to be in Cambria on a Saturday evening. Every Saturday during our Wine and Music nights, we have the opportunity to listen to some fantastic local musicians as well as learning about and tasting wines from some of the best boutique vinters in the county. I’ve learned more about wine than I could have hoped for and have some to enjoy not only tasting wine but also thinking about the processes that go into making an excellent bottle.

I thought it might be helpful to do a round up of some of our featured wineries on the blog so that if you are thinking of taking a trip to the Central Coast and want to plan out a winery or wine tasting day, you can have a leg up.

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Grape Harvest – What Goes into Harvest Season

Central Coast Grape HarvestHere on the Central Coast we have the luxury of living and working in the midst of one of the best up and coming wine regions in the world. We have the pleasure of knowing a number of growers, vinters, and other wine lovers. We also have the advantage of having tastings from boutique wineries right in our Wine Bar each week. All this means that over the years we’ve come to know a fair bit about the wine making process—of course we’re not professionals by any means, but we can share our little bit of knowledge with you.

As the fall season dawns, the wine industry is thinking one thing: CRUSH! The grape harvest or the crush is a crucial part of the wine making process. It happens as the grapes finish ripening on the vines and the wine-maker decides that the time has come to pick the grapes. This is a massive, massive effort and oftentimes this means that people from all over the world will flock to Paso Robles to help with the Harvest and Crush. Did you know that there are actually wine professionals who fly around the world helping with the Crush at different wineries for a living? They’ll spend September, October, November in the Northern Hemisphere and March, April, May in the Southern Hemisphere.

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Halloween on the Central Coast

Halloween is one of our favorite holidays around these parts. It’s such a fun time when you have kids (or when you are young at heart!) with the costumes, the parties, the celebrations, and… the candy!! Because we live in small communities throughout the Central Coast, you’ll find that there are lots of neighborhoods that really get into the holiday spirit.

In the spirit of Halloween and because you know we love our food and wine region, here are a couple of ideas for costumes that celebrate our region.

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