Luxury at The El Colibri Hotel

Sunset at Moonstone BeachLet’s face it;we all need a little luxury now and then. It might be enjoying a smooth, velvety wine that costs more than we usually spend, or perhaps that pair of shoes that looked perfect on but was way over the budget, or maybe it’s just indulging in a little escape from the day to day. Luxury is truly, all in the eyes of the beholder.

Let me offer up one of my ideas of luxury – a stay at the El Colibri Hotel and Spa. For me, luxury is the ability to remove myself from the day to day demands of work and life and immerse myself in a beautiful new environment where I can relax and refill myself with energy and enthusiasm for life. The El Colibri gives me just that sort of getaway. From the moment I walk through the front door, my mind clicks into a different setting. It says something like this: slow down, enjoy, relax. And while my mind may be leading the way, the El Colibri has never failed to deliver. The rooms with their cool restful color palettes, the super-soft linens on the bed, the modern hip wine bar and easy access to long walks along the beach make my stay at the El Colibri nothing short luxurious.

What’s your definition of luxury?

Music on the Central Coast

Music on the Central Coast

Music on the Central Coast

It’s with a sense of excitement and a certain amazement that music on the Central Coast has become a major draw to the area. While it’s no secret we have a growing and extremely talented cadre of local musicians, the news is that several venues are bringing in major name talent. From the PAC at Calpoly and venues up in the North County such as the Event Center and Vina Robles Ampitheater we are seeing a stream of talent parade through the County.

Below are the links to check out each venue’s upcoming shows:

Come visit us and enjoy the music!

Paso Robles Wine Area

Central Coast Wines

Central Coast Wines

Have you visited the Paso Robles Wine Area? The area stepped into the limelight when Wine Spectator recognized a Paso Robles wine as the #1 wine – worldwide in 2010. Since then thousands of people have visited the area to see what all the commotion is about. Not disappointed, visitors are tasting the delights and learning the history of Paso Robles. An interesting factoid is that Paso Robles is the second largest Rhone grape growing area – in the world! Where is the first? The Rhone Valley in France, of course. So, if you love those heady reds, you’ve found your nirvana!

Visit the Paso Robles Wine area and take a wine tour as a great way to learn about and enjoy the area’s treasures. With over 200 wineries to explore, it’s difficult to know where to start. There are several wine touring companies in Paso Robles that offer safe transportation to the wineries to allow you to enjoy the wine without worrying about driving. If you seek a private wine tour, individually crafted to your particular tasting preferences, you should try Central Coast Food & Wine Tours. In addition to transportation, they provide a gourmet catered lunch and cover all your tasting fees.

Whether you decide to book a tour or elect to explore on your own, rest assured there is plenty to discover in the Paso Robles Wine Country!

Visit the Coastal Discovery Center

Coastal Discovery Center

Coastal Discovery Center

We invite you to visit the Coastal Discovery Center located in San Simeon, California. The Coastal Discovery Center is a joint effort between the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary and California State Parks. The Center is located on San Simeon Bay in the San Simeon Beach recreation area.

The The Coastal Discovery Center explores the interface of land and sea. The Center offers a variety of interactive exhibits, educational programs and is currently conducting several studies. Our cultural and natural history is a primary focus in the Center’s activities and exhibits.

Hours of operation are:

Open Friday through Sunday 11:00 a.m.—5:00 p.m. and holidays.

Call for holiday hours: 805-927-6575

School groups welcome by appointment. Call 805-927-2145.

Located at William Randolph Hearst Memorial Beach just across the entrance from Hearst Castle on Highway One near the historic town of San Simeon.

Visit Stolo Family Winery

Cambria, California is home to many things and one is the Stolo Family Winery. A visit to the Stolo Family Winery will open your eyes to the many fine wines being produced in Cambria. It will also give you a sense of how the Stolo family carefully stewards the land on which they grow their grapes, as well as all that goes into running a family winery. You can learn more about the Stolo Family Winery by watching this video, but we also highly recommend you visit the Stolo Family Winery.



Visit the Coastal Discovery Center

What better way to experience the nature of the central coast than to visit the Coastal Discovery Center! The Discovery center is located about 7 miles from the hotel El Colibri in San Simeon Park where the pier is located. The discovery center offers many and varied opportunities to learn about our coastline, the ocean, and the sea life and fauna associated with the area. Enjoy this video on the Coastal Discovery Center.

Now it’s time to visit the Coastal Discovery Center!

Cuisine of Cambria

Have you tried the cuisine of Cambria? Cambria is home to many notable chefs and several wonderful restaurants serving up fresh locally grown food. Enjoy this video and insider look into the Cuisine of Cambria.

Paso Robles Wines

Rhone Valley

Rhone Valley

With Winefest coming up this weekend, we invite you to discover Paso Robles wines. Paso Robles has recently been noted for the quality of their wines in a variety of wine publications. What wines is the area known for? Paso Robles is predominately known for the big, bold reds produced. Here I invite you to think about Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah and the many blends these two staples create. Additionally, Paso Robles is recognized as the second largest growing area of Rhone Valley varietals – second only to the Rhone Valley in France! Our trademark blend from the Rhone varietals is called “GSM” referring the to combination of Grenach-Syrah-Mourvedre grapes. You’ll find many wineries creating their unique blend of GSM – some use more of one grape or less, creating very unique wines despite the common or shared ingredients.

This weekend at the Paso Robles Winefest, we invite you to explore the many wonderful wines!


Farm Fresh Cuisine in Cambria, California

local fruit and vegetables

local fruit and vegetables

We invite you to enjoy the farm fresh cuisine in Cambria, California. One of the many benefits of being on the Central Coast is access to the many local farms, ranchers and growers. We are lucky to have locally sourced row crops, fruits and nuts, meats, olive oil, honey and more! We also have one of the few abalone farms in the United States.

This veritable bounty of fresh, local food proves ample incentive to our many creative chefs. While many of Cambria’s restaurants source their product locally, three standouts come to mind: Robin’s, Madeline’s and the Black Cat Bistro. In these restaurants you’ll find their menus changing frequently to highlight the seasonal bounty. And frankly, I can’t think of a meal more delicious than one curated fresh off the local farms.

Next time you are in Cambria, California plan your dinners to take advantage of our local growers and our inspired local chefs.


Enjoy Dinner at Madeline’s



Looking for a delightful dinner in Cambria, California? Then I invite you to enjoy dinner at Madeline’s! Located on Main Street, Madeline’s is known for their creative and delicious dinners using locally sourced and seasonally available ingredients. A few of their specialities are double cut pork chops, filet mignon and rack of lamb. And don’t forget the wine! Madeline’s offers a special 5 course dinner paired with wines, or you can order off the menu and ask for wine to be paired with your meal. In any event, Madeline’s offers an exquisite wine list for their patron’s enjoyment. This is a small, intimate restaurant so be certain to make reservations.

Madeline’s is located at 788 Main St., in Cambria, California. Their phone number is 805.927.4175. Madeline’s is open daily from 5 – 9 p.m.