Vine Street Lights

What’s more Christmas-y than lovely, quaint Paso Robles homes adorned with more Christmas lights than you could ever imagine. Every year, the wonderful families on Vine Street in Paso go to all ends to decorate their homes for the holiday. You’ll see 14 blocks of lights, storytellers, Santas, Grinches, Music, Carolers, Dancers, Hot cocoa and cider, and tons of Christmas cheer!

Some of my best memories from my childhood involve the total and utter awe that this holiday display invokes. There is seriously nothing more special (except for maybe the first time I remember meeting the real Santa Claus!). And even today, the Vine Street families make me think that I can be way more ambitious in my holiday decorating—I don’t think I’m up for the kinds of light like on the house below this year…but there’s always next, right?!

Join us on December 8th between 6 and 9pm for the 26th annual Vine Street Victorian Christmas Showcase.

Do you decorate your home for the holidays? Have you ever seen an entire 8 blocks of houses lit up at once? I’d always assumes that since it doesn’t snow often on the Central Coast, Christmas would be less special than somewhere where it does snow, but I’ve really found that we Central Coastians know how to do the holidays right! Come celebrate with us and I know it’ll be an experience you’ll remember forever!

Our wonderful Cambria hotel is only 20 minutes from the Vine Street lights!